My works are about my personal identity constructed from my experiences from childhood to adulthood. I investigate my personal identity by documenting my heritage, rural culture, urban culture and the experience of living in various places. I record these experiences as a reflection of a life lived to adulthood. I investigate my past and present experiences through memory by using language, found objects and visual references.


By documenting my life, I am trying to purge memories and inner emotions, through the expressive use of the portrait and visual signifiers around me. The documentation is also a process of healing, and a celebration of moments in life with my family and friends.


Through my artwork, I attempt to make my work accessible, so that each person can interact with the artwork and bring his or her own experiences, interpretation and knowledge to my work.





Bongumusa Hlongwa
Fine Art/ Graphic Design Artist


Bongumusa Hlongwa is a young South African Fine Art & Graphic Design born in December 1984 and grew up in KwaMaphumulo rural area, the North of KwaZulu Natal. He obtained his Fine Art Degree 2008 at Durban University of Technology in Durban.


Bongumusa uses art as a healing too and project scene of his experiences while was migrating from one place to another. However he also uses art to heal the pain, isolation and fear he felt while growing up in those diverse places.

His art poses questions about social issues and they leave their art as an open book to everybody so that each person can develop an awareness of issues effecting society.


In his practical, He begins by making preparation drawings before creating a sculpture using various materials such as concrete, wood, galvanized iron, plaster, resin and welded metal. I also use images of family, friends, strangers and self-portraits to portray personal identity in my works.


“My art is intended to make people aware of these issues, as well as a process of healing. By documenting my life I am trying to purge pain, memories and inner expressive emotions and isolation through the expressive use of portraits and the presentation of creative semiotic objects”


He undertakes local, international and online commissions on Fine Art and Graphic Design.